Advertising on Gemini Sounds Radio couldn’t be easier – or cheaper than commercial stations with a larger audience listener base.

Gemini Sounds Radio are operated on a not-for-profit basis unlike other commercial radio stations, this allows us to offer world wide advertising rather than just local areas.  All  money we make is put directly back into making the radio station even bigger helping to cover our licensing and streaming hosting servers. If you decide to advertise with us, you’ll really be helping us and your business at the same time!

We offer a straightforward pattern of advertising with no contracts to sign. Advertisements run on a 12 months basis and can be stopped at your request. What you will receive for your advertising is. 1: A professionally made sweeper which will be played out on air every hour, (we simply have to ensure it complies with standard broadcast advertising rules. 2: You will have a link displayed on our website taking potential clients directly to your own site or Facebook page.

Your advert will be heard worldwide which opens up the opportunity too offer your goods not only here in the UK but also world wide.  Our station is fully licensed and equipped to broadcast your advert even when a live presenter is unavailable.

Whether you want to run straightforward adverts, or you would like to sponsor a particular programme or on-air item, we can help.

Sounds good? Just get in touch! We like things to be straightforward and so if just you want to spread your message, we’ll help you out as much as we can. What have you got to lose!

Contact us by calling our experienced promotions team on 07835 332004 or simply drop an email to  and someone will be happy to discuss your options