23 September 2020

Gemini Sounds Radio

The People's Station

Michael Tiffany

Who is Michael Tiffany?

I started down the road to becoming a DJ/Producer/Editor in 2008 when I was finally able to get rid of my dial up internet service for high speed internet service. With dial up internet service I had managed to make Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook pages for my band Voltage with Michael Tiffany, and I had made several thousand friends on these platforms many bands. After I had high speed internet service, I was finally able to look at the music videos of my band friends, and quickly realised that most of the bands had some great videos.

I learn how to make a YouTube play list and decided to make it look like a TV show. I created slides with MS Paint and MS Power Point and imported them into MS Movie Maker then outputting them as short video clips. I uploaded the video clips to YouTube and placing them at the beginning and end of the webisodes with some occasionally in the middle with videos from my band friends giving the illusion of a TV show I named Midnight Madness. I made three of these webisodes with about 8 hours of music videos in each one, so began Midnight Madness on the internet.

In 2009 I moved from St. Louis Missouri to Enid Oklahoma, and as I went through the channels of my cable TV, and found a station called KXOK that was looking for new local shows. I contacted them with the idea of Midnight Madness, and they seemed to love the idea, but then they just stopped taking my phone calls. I finally figured out that they went out of business, but after looking at my cable guide I discovered another local station that was also looking for local shows called Pegasys.

I joined Pegasys as a producer, and had access to their studios, editing rooms, and field equipment. I began filming local band in Enid, and started traveling to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and other smaller towns throughout Oklahoma, and even filmed at Rocklahoma.

I started receiving music videos from bands from all over the world as Midnight Madness grew in fame, and the videos not only came from local bands, but many very famous bands as well. I began sending copies of the show on disk to my brother in California, and he took them to Comcast Cable that played them on stations in 10 western states. The show became bigger than I ever could have imagined between 2009-2013 with 190 episodes, but like all things it came to an end. My laptop was stolen, and the city council changed Pegasys from a Congressional program to just a local station, so ended Midnight Madness TV.

I attempted to revive Midnight Madness on other TV station or networks, but over the next 6 years I was unsuccessful. I found a band manager in Tulsa that like the idea of Midnight Madness named Lora M. Hunter, and she agreed to help me bring back Midnight Madness in some way. After many false starts we decided to start our own radio station and was working on building the station when in 2018 we were working on graphics for the show moving them back and forth on Messenger when suddenly she said I don’t feel good. I soon learned that she had a heart attack, and a few weeks later she passed away, so rest in peace Lora.

In early 2019 I started producing Midnight Madness, and I would like to thank you for having me on this station. With the connections that I have with bands, managers, PR people, and record companies I am able to bring the listeners mostly new rock/metal music some of which has not been released to the public yet, and it is a true honour to help up and coming bands, and give music fans some great new rock, so thank you one and all.