23 September 2020

Gemini Sounds Radio

The People's Station

Shaun Tonks

Who is Shaun Tonks?

Welcome to my Bio, firstly my full name is Douglas Shaun Cheshire Tonks, discard 1 & 3 and you’ll be left with my name that my friends, family & most of the general public use, except the Crown Court that is, Only Joking!!

So, we’ve figured out my name, Shaun Tonks, at the time of typing this I’m 1,694,453,888 seconds old, no sorry 1,694,454,689 seconds, ah what the hell I’m 53 and I live in Telford in the UK.

I’m an easy-going type of bloke with loads of problems, but who don’t have problems, not a normal person, I work in the transportation industry as a self-employed private hire driver with Go-Carz (Telford)
I have been a football referee for nearly 25 years now, and refereed in some really big games, like Barley Mow vs some other team.

My radio interest started many years ago, listening to Dixie Peach on Radio Caroline in the early hours of the morning, I then got going with Telford’s first pirate radio station, Wrekin Radio broadcasting the top of a bloody big hill in Oakengates, Telford, we occasionally did a live broadcast from a friends house in Wrockwardine Wood, the station owner was a very good, kind hearted bloke name Simon P.

All went quiet for many years, whilst I worked for the Government, then came along a funny little thing called the internet, and WoW what an invention, it opened up avenue’s for many thousands of Internet based radio stations, my first was WoW Radio sister Radio station to Gemini. I then did a small amount of time on WFRM but missed presenting on the biggest and best station which of cause is Gemini Sounds Radio and I’m really enjoying it at the moment.

So, to round up, I’m here to stay in the weird time in human history, so stay safe and enjoy my Rock Blok, every Saturday @ 5pm.