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Hi Everyone

I'm Holly Jones better known as Hollyj.  I started Radio Presenting six years ago with a local Radio Station in my home town Basildon, Essex.  

I was a very young teenager when The Beatles took the Country by storm, they were my idols, so too were many of the other groups of the 60's.  This is by far, the best years of my life.  

My listeners began asking for some Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and so I added the 50's to my repertiore.  Then soon after, I was asked to play some 70's as well.  Hence, I start with the 50's, then onto the 60's followed by the 70's.  

My shows are fun and I get the people involved with a twice monthly 'THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE' where you the Listener pick three songs from those decades and I play the music back-to-back, giving you a mention on radio.  Radio 2 recently announced that they wouldn't be playing the 60's anymore.  The 60's were the Golden Years and I would hate to see those songs forgotten, so I keep playing them.  I hope you'll enjoy the shows.

 Love Hollyj

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