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Pete M - Manager / Tech


Here are the faces Behind the station you are Listening to

Dave Collins - Owner / Presenter

Dawn S - Manager/Tech/Webmaster



Paul N

Former Mobile/Nightclub DJ, now a seasoned Presenter, with G.S.R.

Here to Entertain all our listeners with our fantastic selection of different songs.... just for You !!

I Joined Gemini Sounds Radio to share my love of music with as many people as possible .

I love a wide variety of music ranging from great artists such as Eva Cassidy to modern songs that you hear Today

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When I’m Not doing my Discos you can find me along with many other presenters doing radio shows

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 Dave the owner of Gemini Sounds Radio has over 30 years experience in providing entertainment through out the UK having played a number of Nightclubs up and down the country holding residencies. He started the station after being involved in Hospital radio and working on another station here on the Internet.

 His love of music started at an early age with his elder brother playing in different bands. Dave also plays the drums but only for fun. Due to personal health issues Dave will not be presenting any shows at the moment but will return in the not so distant future. Thank you for supporting Gemini Sounds Radio.

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DJ Mike Bollea

Hi Gang, this is Mike Bollea of Mike Bollea's Jukebox Party and Mike Bollea Remembers Alan Freed Show. I invite you to join me here on Gemini Sounds Radio for 2 weekly Retro AM Style Sounding Radio Shows. Your Request, Feedback, Thoughts or if you just want to say Hi, there are always welcome. Please send to If you would like to be Friends on Facebook, send a Friend request to Michael Bollea. Peace & Harmony, DJ Mike

DJ stitch

DJ Stitch

Hi I was a listener to gemini sounds radio but then decided to get involved and take part in sharing the music with the listeners and join the great DJ's here already.

Mike Bollea

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