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Gemini Sounds Radio - Millie Bea’s Walking Wish

Let’s give Millie Bea the chance to chase her twin brother Evan around the garden!

Milliee bea’s walking wish

Millie Bea is a beautiful little girl who is a twin to her brother Evan and they are 2 year’s old!. They were born prematurely at 32 Weeks.

At around 1 year old Millie was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebal palsy, this is quite common in prem babies and twins. This means her legs are mainly affected and she suffers tightness in her legs.

Millie is unable to walk un-aided & has only recently been able to sit confidently alone.

Millie’s Brother Evan has Developed Normally and is able to run and play, Climb and dance and it is heartbreaking seeing Millie unable to join her brother.


There is hope that one day Millie will be able to walk and this is by having a life changing surgery known as SDR ( Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). The surgery involves going into her spine and seperating the nerves which cause the stiffness and tightness in Millie’s legs.

Once this has been done she will require intense physiotherapy but will be able to walk independently.

Unfortunately the surgery is not provided by NHS but can be done privately for the cost of £40,000.

Please help raise this cost for Millie!

As well as the Fundraising Night you can make a big difference by visiting either of these 2 links and make a donation.